High Profile Monthly features Geocomp Corporation

On the Move – Geocomp Corporation Expands and Relocates to Acton, MA
Boxborough, MA – Geocomp Corporation, has relocated their headquarters from 1145 Massachusetts Avenue in Boxborough to 125 Nagog Park in Acton, MA. 01720…Read full article in High Profile Monthly – http://bit.ly/g4fO0k

Appearing in South Coast Today: Elder care service warns of impacts if state cuts budget

Old Colony Elder Services, an agency that serves elders, individuals with disabilities, their families and caregivers in 23 towns in the Brockton and South Shore area including Middleboro and Lakeville, shares insight on the impact of the proposed budget cuts which were recently announced by the Patrick Administration.

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Don’t Let Your Marketing Message Sink!

Death becomes us.  It certainly becomes New England Burials at Sea.Last week the unique South Shore company was on WATD 95.9 FM in an exclusive interview and on the FRONT PAGE of the Boston Globe.

It was also featured on WCVB’s Chronicle that very same evening . A feature in the Boston Business Journal followed and was the icing on the cake.

Not bad for a subject that some are reluctant to discuss.

PR Works helped broaden the discussion and build the media frenzy momentum. The abovementioned media extravaganza has generated approximately one booking every 10 minutes since the coverage appeared.

Captain Brad White, founder and president of the company, noted, “We knew we had a unique and appealing service. Many New Englanders love the ocean and appreciate its embrace, but we needed help in getting our marketing message out on a grander scale. A call to PR Works is all it took and three hours later presto, PR Works delivered beyond our wildest anticipation!”

Consider some of the many reasons that burial at sea is an attractive alternative.  Full body traditional funerals, where the average cost is significantly more than cremation $8,500 – $10,000, are decreasing at 35% per year due o the Green Movement  Cremations are increasing at 35% per year, with average amount spent being $3,250.
Burials at sea are roughly 1/3 the cost of a traditional funeral or
cremation and church service.

New England Burial At Sea is the largest formalized organization in the USA doing sea burials for human cremated remains scatterings and full body burials at sea. Now a days people prefer to not leave a carbon footprint and a sea burial is more natural than most alternatives.

New England Burial At Sea is the ONLY company in the USA to be properly insured and licensed with USCG captains using clean, up to date vessels from Maine to Miami and now in San Francisco.  Vessels vary from vintage to down  east, to sport style and luxury accommodating up to 400 people.  

There is a little bit of ocean in all of us. Don’t let your marketing message sink. Let us know how we can help you spread the word.