South Coast Improvement, Co. says ‘thank you’ to Franciscan Hospital with pillow puppets.

image of Sean Whalen of South Coast Improvement
Marion, Mass.-based South Coast Improvement Co. (SCI) recently delivered pillow puppets to patients at Franciscan Hospital for Children in Boston, MA as a ‘thank you’ for their patience during a recent SCI project.


When you think of general contractors, you usually don’t think “warm and fuzzy”. That’s unless you ask the children at Franciscan Hospital for Children in the Brighton section of Boston. After a recent visit by South Coast Improvement Co. to deliver 25 pillow puppets to the children, the consensus there is that GC’s, particularly those from South Coast Improvement, are all that and a bag of potato chips.

“We’ve done a lot of work over the past few years at Franciscan Hospital and the cooperation of the staff and patients and their families has been phenomenal,” said Sean Whalen, South Coast Improvement’s vice president of business development. “We go to great lengths to minimize any disruption to hospital activities. That’s only possible with help of staff and the patience of patients. The pillow puppets for the kids are just our way of saying thank you.”

South Coast Improvement’s projects at Franciscan Hospital have included the relocation of the reception desk, a renovation accomplished without ever closing down the entrance lobby. To minimize the impact to traffic flow and in and out of the hospital, South Coast completely constructed the new reception desk off-site and prepared the wiring in advance. Installation was as simple as dropping in the desk and plugging in the electrical.

Installation of the new reception desk wasn’t the only thing special about this project. South Coast Improvement designed the millwork for the reception area to look like blades of sea grass waving in the breeze. South Coast Improvement also designed a cloud system, constructed out of drywall, and hung it over the new reception desk.

“We’re delighted with work performed by South Coast Improvement on the reception area,” said Chantal Brandimarte, advancement associate for Franciscan Hospital for Children. “As for the pillow puppets, I can’t say I’m surprised. The crews who have worked on these projects have always had a soft spot for the kids and this generous gift just shows that.”

South Coast Improvement Co is a recognized leader in providing building and renovation services to a client base of senior living, healthcare and institutional clients. In addition to Franciscan Hospital for Children, South Coast Improvement has also done extensive projects at hospitals such as the Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Plymouth (the former Jordan Hospital) and such healthcare facilities as National Health Corporation, Sun Health Care Group and Welch Healthcare and Retirement Group.

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South Coast Improvement, Co. adds Franciscan Hospital in Boston, MA and Jordan Hospital in Plymouth, MA to its growing list of healthcare clients

Marion, Mass.-based South Coast Improvement, Co. recently complete project in the reception area of Franciscan Hospital in Boston, MA.
Marion, Mass.-based South Coast Improvement, Co. recently complete project in the reception area of Franciscan Hospital in Boston, MA.


For the past decade, South Coast Improvement Co. (SCI) has provided design/build services to long-term care facilities, rehabilitation facilities and brain trauma units throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic states. With the recent completion of projects at Franciscan Hospital in Boston, MA and Jordan Hospital in Plymouth, SCI has expanded its services to include hospitals.

“I have always thought the work we’ve been doing for years with our renovations in occupied units for long-term-care patients and in brain trauma units would translate very well to conventional hospital work seeing how process and the finished product are just as vital in both sectors,” said Tom Quinlan, president of South Coast Improvement Co. “These two projects at Franciscan Hospital and Jordan Hospital are proof positive that what we do also works for traditional hospitals.”

At Jordan Hospital, South Coast Improvement Co. provided a complete build out for the new Outpatient Spine Clinic. The project featured a reception area, new administrative offices and multiple exam rooms.

Said Quinlan, “Getting the opportunity to work with a respected provider like Jordan Hospital was a tremendous boost. Their architect, Jaca Architects is among the most respected healthcare architects in the northeast so we knew we had to be right with our work.”

Located at 30 Warren Street in the Brighton section of Boston, Franciscan Hospital treats young children with a variety of ailments. SCI’s project included relocation of the reception desk without ever closing down the entrance lobby-a logistical challenge that SCI met by completely constructing the new reception desk off-site and preparing the wiring in advance. Installation was as simple as dropping in the desk and plugging in the electrical.

The other innovative component of the project was the millwork, which was designed to be blades of sea grass waving in the breeze. A cloud system was also constructed out of drywall and hung over the new reception desk.

“This project was unique in that the design called for a very colorful, welcoming motif that suggested a seashore yet still had to meet all of the Department of Public Health codes.” says Sean Whalen, SCI vice president of business development, who worked very closely with the architect and hospital management to bring this to fruition.

South Coast Improvement Co is a recognized leader in providing building and renovation services to a client base of senior living, healthcare and institutional clients. For more information, please call 508-748-6545 or visit

Back to school…South Coast Improvement Co. adds to institutional client list, begins projects for Northeastern University, Boston University, Mount Ida College and Dean College


South Coast Improvement Company (SCI), a design-build general contractor serving New England and the Mid-Atlantic states, recently started multiple renovation projects at four major colleges and universities in Boston and the greater Boston area: Northeastern University, Boston University, Mount Ida College and Dean College.

Northeastern University contracted South Coast Improvement contracted to reconfigure parts of Dodge Hall for new administrative space. The project included a new HVAC system, sprinkler upgrades and premium finish package.

“We’ve been working very closely with the architects and the Northeastern project management team in order to bring this job to completion by the start of the fall semester,” said John Alessendrini, project manager for SCI.

At Dean College in Franklin, Massachusetts, SCI undertook two major projects. The first was the historic renovation of the building envelope of the Admissions Center. SCI stripped the building stripped of all existing siding, deleaded, and installed new HardiPlank cement board siding. Part of the project called for SCI’s Senior Vice President Henry Quinlan to design a window and door trim package that had to be approved by the Town of Franklin’s Historic Commission’s since it was a 100-plus year old building. SCI also substantially improved the efficiency of the building by installing storm window units and more insulation to the building.

The second Dean project involved SCI providing design-build services for the creation of a new Math Center. The Center includes a suite of classrooms, all equipped with the latest in audio/visual equipment.

At Boston University, South Coast Improvement was recently award four major renovation projects in the 725 Commonwealth Avenue classroom building. These projects include the reconfiguration of existing space for administrative offices. This will involve significant demolition, abatement, new HVAC and mechanicals, all new lighting as well as custom door packages and premium paint and flooring finishes. All four projects began simultaneously and required a multi-faceted critical path to success. All projects must be 100 percent complete by the beginning of the academic year.

Finally, SCI provided Mount Ida College in Newton, Massachusetts with design/build services for the new President’s offices and administrative office suite. Senior VP Henry Quinlan and John Alessendrini worked with staff to develop and design the new suites to incorporate the architectural detail of the 100-plus year old building while providing the upgrades of modern business. In addition, SCI moved the campus police station to a new location, which involved a complete build-out of an unused space.

“Like our senior living and healthcare clients, conducting a project at a college requires strict adherence to process so you minimize disruption to ongoing activities at the school. Add in a deadline of finishing work prior to the fall semester and it really shows SCI at our best,” Tom Quinlan, president of SCI. “We’re delighted to add these four institutions of higher learning to our already impressive list of institutional clients, which includes Boston College, Belmont Hill School and The Rivers School in Weston.”

South Coast Improvement Co is a recognized leader in providing building and renovation services to a client base of senior living, healthcare and institutional clients. For more information, please call 508-748-6545 or visit

How to put some spring in your spring cleaning efforts

Wendy Arundel
Wendy Arundel of the Mudroom

Wellesley, Mass.

We call it “spring cleaning” but in reality, most spring cleanings are removing clutter with a little bit of actual cleaning on the side. The problem with clutter is, well, the clutter. Being unable to part with things can prolong some spring cleanings into a summer project. And nobody wants to be stuck inside decluttering once the weather gets nice.

Certified Professional Organizer Wendy Arundel, owner and manager of The Mudroom, a Wellesley-based company serving Greater Boston, suggests a more practical, less emotional approach to a spring cleaning/decluttering.

“Your focus really needs to be on how decluttering your space will improve your life and your living environment. You might even want to imagine your decluttered space in your mind so that you have an end goal in your head,” said Arundel. “If while going through your stuff you hesitate on whether or not to throw something out, revisit that picture. If keeping that item doesn’t help you towards that goal, get rid of it.”

Arundel suggests creating a schedule for your decluttering and cleaning efforts, limiting that time to 30 minutes to an hour per day to make it seem less tedious. Other strategies for making your decluttering more productive and fun include such pointers as:

  • Being ruthless – If you don’t love and item and/or you don’t use it, it’s clutter and you need to get rid of it. Make it a quest of yours to be ruthless when it comes to your decluttering efforts. You’ll have less to dust, less clutter to look it, an easier time finding the things you do use and less stress in your life.
  • Donate or sell things you no longer want – If you have items that you don’t use, but are in good condition, they are prime candidates to sell or donate. Gather all of these items together in boxes or plastic bags. Then, decide whether you would prefer to donate them or sell them.
  • Make your spring cleaning and organizing fun – Don’t think of it as a chore. Instead, think of it as a ‘feel good’ exercise–one that will really help you to feel good about yourself and your clean and organized environment. Play some lively, fun, upbeat music. Dance your way through your home or office with your dust rag or vacuum.
  • Create a family event – Get the family involved. Give everyone a task and make a game of it. Set timers and play ‘beat the clock.’ Give yourself time limits for completing small tasks, and try to complete those tasks before the timer goes off. Afterwards, do something relaxing together as a family, like watching a movie together or going to the park for a walk.
  • Friend time – Ask a friend to help, or do a swap. You clean her living room if she’ll clean your kitchen.
  • Open your windows – Besides giving your space a fresh look, you want to give it some fresh air as well. Open your windows as you’re cleaning. You’ll be removing musty winter odors, protecting yourself from inhaling harsh fumes from cleaning products and the fresh air will keep you going. While you’re at it, let the sun shine in. Open curtains and drapes to give yourself plenty of light for an energy boost.

“Spring is a season of rebirth. That doesn’t have to only be for flower and plants,” said Arundel. “A good spring cleaning can give your home a much needed ‘new’ look without buying a thing. Not to mention uplifting feeling you get from clearing out unneeded or used items.”

About the Mudroom

Wendy Arundel has been helping homeowners and small businesspeople organize and enjoy their space for seven years.  Overwhelmed and overscheduled, many need some help developing systems for managing their space as well as removing unnecessary items.  Arundel also assists with unwanted items by selling, donating or consigning them through her network of local resources.


For more information, please visit the Wellesley-based company‘s website, or call (781) 772-1369.