Marketing – The Ultimate Frontier. 2-Part Workshop offered by Cranberry Country Chamber of Commerce and Cranberry Institute.

Many business owners have a New Year’s Resolution to finally launch a consistent and cost-effective marketing campaign. In recognition of that admirable goal, the Cranberry Country Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with the Cranberry Institute and sponsor Rockland Trust, announce a 2-part workshop “Marketing – The Ultimate Frontier”. The first session will run January 14 […]

A setback in the fight for your online reputation

So, a disgruntled customer/client takes their aggravation out on your company in an online forum. Justified or not, that requires action. You counter by encouraging customers and clients who have benefitted from your products or services to post positive reviews to the same forum.  Several do but nowhere do you see those posts, just that […]

Crafting your story into news

Editors and reporters are looking for subjects that entertain, educate and entice their audience. These media gatekeepers are NOT drawn to self-promotion, self-aggrandizement or self-indulgence. So, how do you “package” news that will be acceptable to the gatekeeper? First, add a human element. How does your story impact upon people. The more the better. An […]

Big help for Small Business. Small Business Survival Package offered by PR Works based in Kingston, MA.

KINGSTON, MA…  The new “normal” is higher cost for fuel, health insurance and supplies and less revenue due to a snail’s pace economy. Business owners are already wearing too many hats. What can they do keep their head above water? Business owners often have good marketing ideas, they just don’t know how to prioritize them […]

Getting Stuck in the Middle – PR Pointers

From time to time, PR Works offers “Pointers” from other points of view. The following are some pointers from our trusted colleague, Ken Cheo of Winfree Business Systems, a sales consultant. GETTING STUCK IN THE MIDDLE Here is a situation I encounter a lot with clients. I debrief with the client regarding a first meeting […]

PR Pointer – The New PR

Change – count on it! By Steve Dubin, PR Works Just last week I was attempting to parrot my “elevator pitch” and was interrupted. “What do PR firms do now that on one has the time or the interest in reading the Boston Globe?” This is NOT the first time I’ve heard this challenge. First, […]

20-20 vision…PR Works celebrates 20 years in business

KINGSTON, MA… A lot has changed in the 20 years since Steve Dubin launched PR Works, a public relations agency based in Kingston, Massachusetts. Snail mail was just mail, the fax machine was the new kid on the block, and New Kids on the Block was the hottest group around. Twenty years later, PR Works […]

PR Pointer – The CEO as Spokesperson

The next PR Pointer is available –

What is the best business advice anyone gave you?

Steve Dubin of PR Workzone shares insight in Cape & Plymouth BusinessConnector

An on-going column makes you the WINNER

Sure you’ve thought of being the proud author of an on-going column. You just know that being positioned as “the expert” would generate new business and galvanize existing ties. In effect, it would make you the “winner”. Getting a gig such as an on-going column can be a daunting task. How do you go about […]