Can’t wait to sell your lakefront home? You might have to. Lakefront real estate agency builds waiting list of sellers

MANSFIELD, MA… Most people in the real estate understand the market is feast or famine. Lakefront Living Realty Owner Scott Freerksen, however has decided to exercise portion control during the spring busy season, limiting the number of properties his Mansfield, Massachusetts-based firm will sell to no more than five at a … [Read more...]

Staging a lake house – How to prepare a lakefront home for sale

MANSFIELD, MA… When you buy a lake house, it’s about more than just the physical structure and easy access to the water. You really are buying a lifestyle. And that’s precisely what you’re selling when you deem it time to sell your lakefront property. And that takes a certain expertise that many selling agents who specialize … [Read more...]

For lakefront buyers, hope springs eternal—particularly in the spring

MANSFIELD, MA… In general, there’s something about the spring that elicits hope in even the most cynical among us. Perhaps it’s the fact that spring marks the start of a new beginning for everyone and everything. Even the Red Sox are still in contention on the first day of spring. For those looking to buy lakefront property, … [Read more...]

Lakefront Living offers expert seminar on buying and selling lakefront property, March 16, 10am to 12pm, Mansfield

MANSFIELD, MA… For many home buyers, the chance to own a home on a lake is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. To help educate buyers so they can make that big decision an educated and informed one, Lakefront Living Realty, LLC, a Mansfield, MA-based brokerage that specializes in properties that are directly on lakes, is … [Read more...]

Looking to buy a lakefront property? Why fall is the time to buy.

MANSFIELD, MA… When it comes to buying a lakefront property, timing is everything. That refers not only to a specific property but time of year. For the majority of lakefront home purchases, right about now—October right up until the Christmas holidays—is the best time to buy. “In our industry, the buying and selling of … [Read more...]

Navigating a lakefront property made easy…New improved website reduces Web search of lakefront property from 3-5 hours to 15 seconds.

New website

MANSFIELD, MA… When Scott Freerksen started Lakefront Living Realty, LLC, the primary purpose was to save prospective buyers of lakefront property time and energy by providing them with a team of lake experts who also happened to be realtors. Lakefront Living’s new iteration of their website,, follows … [Read more...]

A free house on a lake? Really? Winchedon, MA seller offers house for free if you buy the land.

MANSFIELD, MA… The appeal of owning a lakefront property is location, location, location. Yet, in the case of a lakefront home in Winchendon, MA,  on Lake Monomonac, it’s all about situation, situation, situation. For this particularly property, their situation has necessitated a once in a lifetime opportunity for a … [Read more...]

Lakefront expansion. Lakefront Living Realty hires Lake Quinsigamond and Shrewsbury resident Fern Nissim.

Fern Nissim

MANSFIELD and SHREWSBURY, MA… Lakefront Living Realty, LLC, a Mansfield, MA-based Real Estate Brokerage specializing solely on the purchase and sale of lakefront property, recently hired Shrewsbury resident Fern Nissim to assist lakefront buyers and sellers in Central Massachusetts. “Purchasing and selling a lakefront home … [Read more...]

Mansfield, MA resident/businessman writes the book on purchasing lakefront property.

MANSFIELD, MA… When Mansfield, MA resident Scott Freerksen walked away from the corporate world a decade ago, he chose to pursue a career that involved his passion, opening a real estate agency specializing in lakefront property. That passion recently morphed into another venture, publishing, with Freerksen recently issuing … [Read more...]

Lakefront Living Realty makes a big splash with Keys to Buying Lakefront Property seminar

MANSFIELD, MA… With a still sluggish real estate market, the dream of owning a lakeside home has become more affordable in recent years. That reality has led a growing number of home buyers, particularly older Baby Boomers looking to downsize, to pursue a home on the water. To that end, more than 40 buyers looking to purchase … [Read more...]