HR Knowledge CEO to appear on MYOB Radio Show Sunday

"Mind your Own Business" - A Radio Show for Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs

Jeff Garr, CEO of HR Knowledge will be appearing on the "Mind your Own Business" Radio Show this week. The show provides advice, information and connections for entrepreneurs, service providers and established companies. Tune into MYOB this Sunday between 9-11 AM to hear his segment. Local Stations: WBNW 1120 AM - Needham, … [Read more...]

ElizaJ Offers Discount to Non-Profits

In recognition of tighter budgets, ElizaJ the providers of upscale, self-contained restrooms for special events and serving thousands of clients along the East Coast, offers a 10 percent discount to 501(c)(3) certified non-profit organizations. “Whether it’s a black tie event or a themed party, non-profit organizations put a … [Read more...]

AOL Business includes PR Works – How to Deal with Stupid New Business

AOL SMALL BUSINESS How to Deal with Stupid New Business Ideas By GEOFF WILLIAMS February 5, 2010 Someone comes to you with an idea for a new business and asks for your opinion, as an entrepreneur. No doubt about it. The idea looks dead on arrival. But think carefully before you speak. If you tell the truth, you … [Read more...]

Would You Make a Good Entrepreneur? TMI Executive Resources Advises Potential Entrepreneurs

In a market where job security no longer exists, many executives have begun to consider the entrepreneurial option. TMI Executive Resources (, an outplacement and career consulting firm catering to thousands of clients around the globe, offers insight on what makes a good entrepreneur. TMI Executive … [Read more...]

TMI Executive Resources Announces New Service Offering for Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Opportunities

TMI Executive Resources (, a firm providing outplacement and career consulting services to thousands of clients around the globe, has recently announced a new service offering that caters to executives who would like to consider, or already are considering the entrepreneurial option. Entrepreneurs, … [Read more...]