A 100% natural choice for a business advisor. National Fruit Corporation retains Acadia Business Advisors to sell Chunks O’ Fruti® franchises.


When Natural Fruit Corporation (NFC), makers of Chunks O’ Fruti® 100% natural frozen fruit bars, revamped its franchise opportunity, it had one goal in mind: find franchise owners who had the desire and talent to be successful. NFC passed on high-priced consultants and business brokers content to simply to move units and collecting franchise fees. Instead, NFC chose Acadia Business Advisors, LLC, a firm known for its ability to understand a business first and then tailor the franchise offering to attract desirable candidates.

“There’s nothing like Chunks O’ Fruit® frozen fruit bars. They are 100% natural, fruit is always the first ingredient, there is no artificial coloring or flavoring, and the fruit is spread evenly throughout each bar by a proprietary manufacturing process. It’s also low calorie and there are more than 20 natural flavors to choose from.,” said Susan Morris, senior vice president for Natural Fruit Corporation. “We wanted to work with an advisor who approaches our business with the attitude of a partner committed to our long-term success, before and after the franchise fee has been collected. Bruce Wildes and the team at Acadia understood the uniqueness of this product, how our franchisees had to not only have the capital but the drive to be successful.”

The franchise opportunity calls for owners to sell 100% natural Chunks O’Fruti® frozen fruit bar products wholesale to retail outlets like their local convenience stores, hospital cafeterias, schools, independent grocery stores, deli’s, family style restaurants, swim clubs and many other high-traffic locations. Through a special partnership arranged by Natural Fruit Corporation, franchise owners can also sell the enormously popular Mars ice cream products—like Twix, Snickers, M&Ms and Dove bars—on a wholesale basis to those same retail locations as a Mars distributor. 

Each franchisee is given an exclusive territory within a two-hour driving radius. Franchisees are then responsible for negotiating with merchants to place a Chunks O Fruti® freezer at the location, keeping those locations stocked and acquiring new locations. Each territory has the capacity for 1,000 freezers.

Start up costs, including the franchise fee, can range from $75,000 to $101,000 depending on how they choose to finance the business.

“The Fruti franchise opportunity is extremely attractive for a number of reasons. It doesn’t require a huge capital investment up front. You can run the business out of your home and tailor it to your lifestyle. Those attractive qualities also make it a challenge to find potential buyers who have the right tools and capital to succeed at the business,” said Wildes, the owner of Acadia Business Advisors, LLC. “Because we have experience in representing both franchisors and franchise candidates, we have a pretty good idea in what’s necessary from both a financial standpoint and personality standpoint to be a successful Fruti franchise owner.”

Adds Morris, “Bruce Wildes and the Acadia team have helped us to fine tune our offering, our approach to our offering and our execution of successful Discovery Days. The day-to-day dealings are professional, effective and stream lined.  Their use of automation as well as technology provides us with an avenue to deal with a high volume of franchisees economically in time and effort.”

With headquarters in Maine and offices across the United States, Acadia Business Advisors is a full-service franchise consultant and business advisory firm, serving clients throughout North America and international markets. Yet almost in spite of its broad reach, Acadia maintains a low profile and a reputation for honest answers and deliverable results.

Fruti franchises are available across the U.S. For complete information on Fruti’s franchise offering, please visit www.frutifranchise.com or contact Bruce Wildes, Acadia Business Advisors, LLC at 207 370 8210 or info@acadiabiz.com.

About Natural Fruit Corporation
Brothers Simon and Jorge Bravo Sr. founded Natural Fruit Corporation in 1985. Equipped with their vast backgrounds in food processing and production, the brothers set out to produce the highest quality, 100 percent natural, frozen fruit bars. Nearly three decades later, the company is still going strong, manufacturing more than 20 flavors of the Chunks O’ Fruti brand products—100 percent natural with no added colors or flavoring. All flavors and color come directly from the fruit! Chunks O’ Fruti brand products are Kosher-certified and gluten-free.

In 2009, Natural Fruit Corporation entered into an agreement for its distributors to offer the full line of Mars Ice Cream products, including Twix, Snickers, Dove bars and M&M brands. Natural Fruit Corporation began offering a revised franchise opportunity in 2010.

Fruti franchises are available across the U.S… For complete information on Fruti’s franchise offering, please contact Bruce Wildes, Acadia Business Advisors, LLC at 207 370 8210 or info@acadiabiz.com or visit www.frutifranchise.com.

For information on Fruti products, please visit www.nfc-fruti.com.

About Acadia Business Advisors, LLC

Acadia Business Advisors, a full service franchise consultant and business advisory firm with headquarters in Maine and offices across the United States, serves clients throughout North America and international markets. Acadia specializes in the franchise industry and also works with related non-franchise companies for similar issues. For more information, please visit www.acadiabiz.com or call toll-free 877-456-4197.

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